Shop Local, Eat Seasonally, Know Your Farmer

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The kind of food you eat matters. And so does the quality of that food. Research continues to show that, on the whole, organic food tends to have more of the nutrients especially needed for optimal health, including Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. They also carry fewer synthetic pesticide residues. Even better is organic […]

Is Your Gut Giving You All the Nutrients You Get?

By office on Monday, June, 6th, 2016 in Diet & Nutrition No Comments

In his research on nutrition and dental health among traditional cultures, Weston Price found that fat-soluble vitamins and good fats seemed to be the common denominator among the healthy. But it’s impossible to get all the nutrients you need if your gut is unhealthy. And the acidifying standard American diet has a lot to do […]

Food Swaps for Alkalinity

By office on Thursday, May, 26th, 2016 in Diet & Nutrition No Comments

There’s an important caveat to eating an alkaline diet: Just because a food is alkalinizing, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can eat it with abandon. Case in point? Fruit. Why? It contains A LOT of sugar, and too much sugar promotes an acid terrain. In fact, some say that with all the hybridization that’s gone […]

Eat to Alkalinize

By office on Wednesday, May, 18th, 2016 in Diet & Nutrition No Comments

Previously, we looked at practical things you can do at home to keep your teeth healthy and whole. Of course, all these things are a boon to your overall health, as well. Fundamental to both is creating an alkaline environment in the body. Frankly, this is a task most of us would do well to […]

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