fresh fruit in bowlsThere’s an important caveat to eating an alkaline diet: Just because a food is alkalinizing, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can eat it with abandon.

Case in point? Fruit. Why? It contains A LOT of sugar, and too much sugar promotes an acid terrain. In fact, some say that with all the hybridization that’s gone on, an apple today can have 10 times the sugar you’d find in a wild or heirloom variety.

Fortunately, there are great sugar substitutes, including stevia, monk fruit, Lakanto, and yacón syrup.

Likewise, most grains tend to be acidifying, quinoa being maybe the finest exception to the rule. And where flour is needed, almond flour can be a great alternative. Check out The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, a GREAT collection of recipes. (Just make sure you use yacón syrup instead of agave for sweetener!)

Here are some more ideas for food swaps to get your diet on the alkaline side.

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