heart drawn in the sand

heart drawn in the sandNearly every holiday has some version of a guilty pleasure, whether it’s ice cream on the Fourth of July, a flood of candy on Halloween, or all that pie on Thanksgiving. Valentine’s is no different, from heart-shaped lollipops to heart-shaped peanut butter cups to heart-shaped boxes filled with all kinds of tempting, sugary treats. 

A piece of candy or chocolate once in a while isn’t a problem, but oral pathogens love sugar like Romeo loved Juliet. And just like their story didn’t end well, too much sugar in your diet can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease, which is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other systemic health problems

On Valentine’s Day – and every day – you want to prevent that kind of tragedy playing out in your mouth!

But don’t panic! Your holiday homework’s been done for you. We’ve got some lovely sugar-free Valentine’s ideas for you, no matter your talents or time. 

Crafty? Try these origami paper heart boxes:  


Use a large enough piece of paper and you could even fit some extra treats inside like dental floss or picks!

heart-shaped peeled & boiled egg



If cooking’s your thing, you could make a heart-shaped egg! 

Or how about some healthy heart-beet soup for you and your honey?




Got a green thumb? Maybe create a cute, heart-shaped topiary! 

You also could spend the evening together starting garden seedlings inside – like tomatoes, peppers, or herbs. Just do your best to track down organic and GMO-free seeds. In a couple of months, they’ll be ready for replanting in your backyard organic garden. Let love grow!

If you want to stick with tradition and just go for that romantic dinner, look for a restaurant that sources local, healthy, and delicious cuisine. Some of our favorite options here in Edmonds include Kelnero, Epulo Bistro, Salt & Iron, and Caravan Kebab. Then head home for a romcom from the comfort of your couch – after cleaning your teeth of course!   

Truly, the best way to show your love isn’t with treats that are hard on your teeth, gums, heart, and overall health. It’s by making the most of the time you have, living healthy together. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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