We will let you know of all costs up front, before providing treatment. Our treatment plans are as thorough as possible, covering all sensible options and likely scenarios. Even so, additional diagnostics or treatment are sometimes indicated after the fact. Still, we will let you know the costs before going forward.


We accept payment by cash, credit, or major credit card. Payment is due in full at the time services are rendered.

Financing is available through Care Credit.

Make Care Credit Payments here:


Although we’re not in network with any insurance companies, we never leave patients stranded to figure out their dental benefits alone. That’s why, at the time of treatment, we’ll provide you with a fully completed claim form for you to submit directly to your insurer for reimbursement.

In fact, we’ve found that insurance companies are far more responsive to insured parties directly rather than through us as a third party.

And if you need help with your treatment costs while waiting for reimbursement, we do offer financing through Care Credit (see above). .

COVID 19 Announcement

We are making ourselves available for emergency dental care. If you are having an emergency and don’t have a dentist, we’d like to help. Give the office a call and press 9 for our emergency line so we can connect and get more details of your situation.

(425) 776-3352

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