Dental Surgery with PRF/PLP to Support Healing

We are able to provide a range of common surgical procedures, including wisdom tooth (third molar) extraction, cavitational surgery and the placement of implants.

When we do, we have one advanced technology in particular that we’re especially proud to offer: platelet rich fibrin (PRF) and platelet rich plasma (PLP).

PRF/PLP works along with your body’s innate healing process, providing additional growth factors. When PRF or PLP is placed on a surgical site, it helps speed up the healing process by stimulating bone and soft tissue growth. It also tends to lessen post-surgical pain and discomfort.

PRF/PLP contains no synthetic or animal-derived products. Rather, it’s made from a small sample of your own blood, spun in a special centrifuge. Because of this, biocompatibility is assured.

This short video shows you how it’s done:



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