Emergency Dentistry/Urgent Care in Edmonds, WA

Are you searching for an emergency dentist in Edmonds WA?

Dental injuries can be just as serious as medical ones. While some can wait a day or two, others should be treated as quickly as possible. These include broken and knocked out teeth, cuts or other injury to the gums or other soft tissues, and severe toothache.

Ignoring the problems can raise the risk of permanent damage, as well as more costly and intensive treatment later on.

Call us now for Emergency Dental Care

It’s best to play it safe, so if you’re not sure your situation is an emergency, give us a call to find out. When we’re not in the office, our 24/7 messaging service is available.

We are just as much here to help you through a dental emergency as with your ongoing preventive care – to help lower your risk of developing problems in the first place. We provide the care you need to eliminate your pain so you can get on with your life.

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