Mercury Detox Referrals

Quicksilver QS Mercury Tri-Test

Quicksilver’s Tri-Test is the best tool we have for determining whether you’re mercury toxic, the likely sources of exposure and how well your body is getting rid of it.

Amalgam fillings are a major source for many individuals. Though often called “silver” fillings, they are actually 50% mercury, a known neurotoxin. The pressure from chewing and swallowing consistently releases mercury vapor that may be absorbed by other tissues in the body.

While some people can excrete mercury rather easily and efficiently, others cannot. That’s when mercury-related illness can arise.

Using samples of your blood, urine and hair, the Tri-Test can let us know if mercury is a problem for you – and if so, how much of a problem. Once identified, you can decide on a best plan of action for dealing with it.

Here, Dr. Chris Shade, developer of the test, details how the test works:

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