Micro Air Abrasion

The best teeth are your own, so when we need to work on them, it only makes sense to do in ways that minimize trauma and let you keep as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Micro air abrasion is one of the best tools we have in this kind of minimally invasive dentistry.

Air abrasion is a quick and safe procedure that produces no heat, sound, pressure, or vibration, and reduces the need for anesthesia. The instrument works like a mini sandblaster, letting us gently remove decay or surface stains.

In fact, we can remove decay in its earliest stages, preventing the need for more invasive – and expensive! – dental work down the road!

Micro air abrasion is also fantastic for preparing surfaces for sealants and fillings. We get a better bond, and you get a lower risk of recurrent decay! It can even be used to help repair chipped, fractured or worn teeth, or help repair damaged fillings.

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