Night Guards/Splints

Bruxism is the unconscious habit of clenching or grinding teeth, often during sleep. While there are several possible causes – for example, a misaligned bite or sleep problems – chronic stress is easily the most common.

And bruxing is more than a mere annoyance. Over time, all that extra pressure can contribute to gum recession, tooth erosion and breakage, TMJ problems, headaches, and pain through the face, jaw, neck and back.

dental night guardA night guard offers one good solution, providing a barrier between your upper and lower teeth to cushion the force and protect them. While over-the-counter devices are widely available today, for comfort, effectiveness and durability, custom-fit devices are the smarter way to go. They may cost a little more, but patients routinely find that the better results are worth it.

Splint therapy is another effective way for dealing with bruxism. This type of custom-fit device not only cushions and protects your teeth but also helps relax the muscles of your mouth and face, weakening the clenching habit.

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