Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a special form of oxygen – 3 bound atoms of oxygen – that is a powerful disinfectant with a wide variety of applications in both biological dentistry and medicine.

Ozone can effectively whiten smiles, prevent infection, and even help remineralize teeth! It can help heal open wounds – such as cold sores and oral ulcers – by promoting blood flow and tissue regeneration. For the same reason, more and more biological dentists are using it to treat cavitations (jawbone osteonecrosis) – areas of dead and decaying flesh that often occur after extractions, when the socket is not cleaned thoroughly.

Ozone is also great for treating caries (cavities) and gum disease, as the gas easily irrigates the diseased tissue and eliminates pathogens. When we place implants, ozone helps ensure they successfully integrate with the jawbone, extending the life of the implant.

In addition to these kinds of therapeutic uses, we also use ozonated water in all of our operatories. Not only do you benefit from its antimicrobial power when we rinse your mouth; it helps keep the waterlines clean of bacteria, further protecting you.

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