Pinhole Surgical Technique

If your gums have receded, you may have been recommended for a gingival graft. This surgical procedure involves cutting away some soft tissue from the roof of the mouth so it can be attached to the gums, covering the exposed tooth roots.

But what if you could restore lost gum tissue without the cutting and suturing that conventional treatment requires? If you could get it done in a single appointment? If you could have your gums looking good again within 24 hours?

With the Chao Pinhole Technique™, you can!

How the Pinhole Technique Works

The Pinhole Technique is simple, minimally-invasive, and effective. We use a needle to make small holes in your gums, then insert a special instrument to gently loosen and move the gum tissue over the recession. We then place collagen strips over the sites worked on to help maintain stability as the tissues heal.

Patients who have had the procedure typically report less pain, less swelling, and less bleeding than they might with conventional surgery.

One set of five cases found that treatment of 18 total recession sites “with a minimally invasive Pinhole Surgical Technique…resulted in overall root coverage of 96.7% after 6-month follow-up with minimal complications.”

Before/After Pinhole Treatment

before/after pinhole surgery

Is the Pinhole Technique Right for You?

While the treatment is broadly effective, if you have a lot of bone loss, thin existing gum tissues, or active gum disease, Pinhole Surgery might not be recommended.

Other factors that may have contributed to the gum recession – bruxing (clenching/grinding), for instance, or aggressive tooth brushing – should also be addressed for optimal results.

Before/After Pinhole Treatment

before/after pinhole surgery

If you’ve let gum recession – and the accompanying tooth sensitivity – go on for far too long out of a desire to avoid invasive surgery, the Pinhole Technique can be a great option for finally making things right.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and see if this technique might be right for you!

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