Sensitivity Assessments

With Dr. Tina EnerJoy

Dr. EnerJoy logoHave you shown sensitivity to dental materials in the past? Dr. Tina EnerJoy offers sensitivity assessments that can help guide you to wise choices in pursing optimal oral and overall health.

Your subconscious is constantly picking up information, and it knows what’s good and bad for you. Dr. EnerJoy uses the wisdom of the subconscious to determine and release the underlying causes of your struggles.

Holding a PhD in neuroscience, Dr. EnerJoy is a Holistic Brain Health Practitioner and spent 18 years studying the underlying causes of mental and cognitive disorders.

Finally finding relief herself from lifelong depression, anxiety, and learning disabilities through the methods she uses, she is passionate about helping others have more satisfying, meaningful, and joyful lives!

Though Dr. EnerJoy’s work is independent from our dental practice, our patients have found that working with her has provided important support for their healing. She can help you identify – and deal with – underlying causes of symptoms, as well as common dental issues such as dental anxiety and nutritional imbalances in the body.

Dr. EnerJoy sees patients each Tuesday in our Edmonds office!

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