Time to Talk Mercury 

By office on Tuesday, December, 10th, 2019 in Mercury 1 Comment

Biological dentists and hygienists ask A LOT of questions – usually far more than your typical dentist. We do it because integrating your concerns and challenges is crucial when it comes to serving your healthcare needs.  Whatever happens in or is done to the mouth can have effects throughout the body – and vice versa […]

Mercury-Free Protects Our Planet and Patients Alike

By office on Tuesday, August, 27th, 2019 in Mercury No Comments

When a patient chooses to have their mercury amalgam fillings removed, protecting them – and our team – from mercury exposure is paramount. But safety doesn’t stop there. Practicing mercury-free, mercury-safe dentistry is vital for our planet’s health, as well. Because so many dentists around the world continue to fill teeth with amalgam, the industry […]

Why Mercury-Free Dentistry Isn’t Enough. Mercury-SAFE Matters, Too!

By office on Wednesday, August, 14th, 2019 in Mercury No Comments

Despite mercury being one of the most toxic materials around, most dentists continue to use it for filling teeth. After all, it’s cheap, and can be placed much more quickly and easily than newer, higher quality materials. (Curious as to how it’s done? Here’s a basic demo.) But because of that toxicity, we not only […]

Mercury Gets Around

By office on Wednesday, October, 5th, 2016 in Mercury No Comments

As we noted last time, mercury is constantly off-gassed from so-called “silver” amalgam fillings. This vapor must go somewhere, and where it goes is into your circulation. This is how it can affect so many different body systems. (What it affects and how depends on your unique biochemistry, overall health history and current challenges.) A […]

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