To Air is Human: To Breathe Freely, Divine

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Originally posted at the Queen of Dental Hygiene. by Barbara Tritz, RDH, BS, MSB Breathing.  Why’s a dental hygienist writing about the airway!?  Again!  Because I want you to be healthy and live a life of wellness!  In my biological dental office, one of the most important, if not the most important thing we do, is evaluate your […]

How to Stop Mouth Breathing (& Improve Your Health in the Process)

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The hazards of mouth breathing popped up in the news cycle recently, thanks to a celebrity performing some do-it-yourself Buteyko on Instagram. The post quickly went viral, probably because images of people with their mouths taped shut tend to be a little, well, startling. But while pictures of mouth-taping can provide the internet (and popstars) […]

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