Lily first met Dr Taylor in 2016, when she heard Dr. T present on airway dentistry. She knew right then and there that she wanted to be part of an integrative team.

Today, Lily leads our clinical program here at Green City Dental, providing cranial sacral therapy, intraoral TMJ therapy, myofascial release, Buteyko breathing, and myofunctional therapy. All these support Dr. T’s holistic approach, which understands the mouth as an integrated system with the whole body. It’s a vibrant collaboration – one we feel leads to better treatment outcomes and a better dental experience.

Lily began her journey in alternative medicine while a student at the University of Rochester. A chronic sinus infection that allopathic medicine couldn’t resolve led her to dietary changes and work with a Chinese medicine practitioner. Finding relief, she began studying yoga, Ayurveda, and other Eastern practices, along with dance, movement, and somatic therapy.

After earning her BA in anthropology with a focus in sustainable community, Lily moved to Oregon where she began to study permaculture design, ultimately earning advanced certification. This merged with health as she became a whole foods chef and studied herbal medicine.

But she also started to have TMJ issues, and her search for a solution introduced her to cranial sacral therapy, where her first session alone seemed to miraculously resolve her popping and clicking. She felt like she had found her calling and was soon studying manual therapy through the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. Soon after, she became a licensed massage therapist, as well.

Lily has since pursued additional studies in advanced intraoral work and CST with Lauren Christman, Infant cranial sacral with Carol Gray, and neural developmental movements,(RMT) with Sonia Story. In 2018 she underwent advanced training in TMJ treatment with Dr. Mariano Rocobado and Bill Esser PT.

In 2017, Lily began studying myofunctional therapy with Joy Mueller and became a certified specialist in orofacial myology (CSOM) with Sandra Coulson through the Graduate School of Behavioural Health Sciences. She has studied Buteyko with Patrick Mckeown and has also trained in Myobrace with Myofunctional Research Institute.

Because of her rich and diverse background, Lily is able to help patients with symptoms ranging from TMJ pain to dental anxiety. She works closely with Dr. T in pre- and post-tongue tie release, TMJ treatment, and airway orthodontics, and especially loves working with young children, helping create positive interventions so they can grow to their optimal potential, breathing right for life and favorable health.

When not in the office, Lily loves spending time with her teenage son, walking in nature, being with friends, traveling, doing yoga/dance, exploring the food culture of the Northwest, gardening, and embracing the concept of food as medicine.

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