Hey, what’s up, Green City Dental fam! ? We’ve got some seriously awesome news to drop – give it up for the superstar of smiles, Dr. Janette Carroll, DDS, is joining our Green City Dental team! ?

This isn’t just another notch on our dental chair – Dr. Carroll is the real deal when it comes to elevating our dental game. With 25-plus years in cutting-edge dentistry, she’s a true legend when it comes to helping patients get the best possible outcomes. And just like Dr. Taylor, Dr. Carroll embraces our brand of holistic, whole body dentistry.

Rewind to where it all began for Dr. Carroll – right in our own backyard at the University of Washington, scooping up a biology degree before soaking up that California sun at USC’s dental school. Fast forward through some serious skills sharpening at LVI, and you’ve got a dental expert who’s all about easing those nagging headaches, untangling the mysteries of TMJ, and crafting smiles that just won’t quit – all while keeping that mouth of yours singing a happy tune.

But wait, there’s more! Green City Dental isn’t just about fixing teeth – it’s a holistic home where your pearly whites get to be part of the bigger health picture. We’re a clinic that digs deep to find and fix the root of the issue, not just slap a Band-Aid on your bite. Dr. Carroll’s arrival is like hitting the jackpot for our commitment to top-tier, holistic dental care.

She’s all-in on the Green City Dental vibe, empowering you to make choices that align with your life while guiding you to the best oral and overall health outcomes. With Dr. Carroll joining us,  our team’s set to soar even higher, and your dental health? It’s about to get next-level attention.

So, to our beloved community, get ready to experience the magic touch of Dr. Carroll. Whether you’re tackling sleep apnea, seeking a fix for oral pain, or just want a dental guru in your corner, she’s got your back.

Say goodbye to the old-school dental dread and hello to pure excitement for the top-notch care that’s waiting for you at Green City Dental. Dr. Carroll can’t wait to meet each and every one of you – ready to listen, ready to understand, and ready to help you achieve your oral health goals.

A big, warm, Green City Dental welcome to Dr. Janette Carroll! We’re stoked to have you with us as we embark on this incredible journey of health, happiness, and those lasting smiles.

Are you pumped to meet Dr. Carroll and start your own journey to a beaming smile and top-notch health? Reach out and let’s make it happen. A healthy mouth is our mission, and with Dr. Carroll now in the mix, your smile’s future is looking all kinds of bright.

Big welcome to Dr. Carroll – let’s rock the dental world together! ?✨ And if you are a previous patient of Dr. Carroll and you’re wondering where she’s practicing now, you’ve found it! Dr. Carroll is now at Green City Dental in Edmonds.

Join our growing community where we look beyond the teeth, straight to the heart of your health. Can’t wait to have you over at our clinic and introduce you to the maestro of dentistry, Dr. Janette Carroll. See you soon! ?? #WelcomeDrCarroll #GreenCityDental #WholeBodyDentalCare

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